ODT Rewards is our brand new rewards program that rewards you for shopping on our website, visiting our website daily, and referring your friends to us. You will earn 3 ODT Rewards points per each dollar spent on our website, and you can redeem your points at any time. Each point has a value of one cent, and you can redeem your points for free shipping, discounts, and other awesome prizes. Get started by creating an account using this link to receive a 2% discount on your first order. You can access ODT Rewards from the my account page or the option in the left navigation menu.


Daily Rewards


You can earn from 1 to 50 ODT Rewards points just by visiting our website daily and claiming your daily reward on the ODT Rewards page. It can’t get any easier to earn rewards. You can earn 1 point, 5 points, 20 points, 25 points, or 50 points each time that you claim your daily reward. And we may occasionally add bigger prices and or boost the chance of getting one as part of a promotion so make sure to check in everyday to not miss out on special prizes. Claim your daily reward by going to the ODT Rewards page and clicking on the “Claim my daily reward” button each day. Please note that business customers are not eligible to benefit from daily rewards. Good luck!


Referral Program


You can also earn rewards for referring your friends to us. The referrer will earn 500 points and the referred friend will earn a 2% discount on his/her first order. In order to be eligible for the referral program rewards, you and your friend must meat the following conditions:

·         You must have an active customer account that is in good standing. Business customers are not eligible.

·         If you have placed an order using the guest checkout or have used the PayPal Checkout shortcuts without first logging in as a customer, you will have to transform your guest account into a customer account by going to your order history through the guest tracking page and setting a password on your account, or by contacting us.

·         Your friend must create a customer account using your referral link. This link is unique to your account and can be found by going to the ODT Rewards page.

·         Your friend must place an order and the order must be delivered in order to receive your reward.

·         If your friend returns one or all of the products on the order you may lose your reward.


The more friends you invite, the more you earn. So don’t wait and share your referral link with as many people as possible to earn big.


Shopping Points


Currently, you can earn 3 points per each dollar that you spend on our store. Each point has a value of one cent and there is no minimum or maximum purchasing amount to qualify for earning points. You will earn points even if you place an order as a guest, however you will have to convert your account to a customer account to have access to your points. Please note that business customers are not eligible to earn shopping points. You will see how many points you will earn by placing an order on the shopping cart and throughout the checkout process. You will receive your reward once your order is delivered and they will show up on your points balance. Please note that you may lose your reward if you return one or more products on your order. We may occasionally increase the number of points earned per each dollar as part of a promotion so visit our website frequently for any special offers. And remember, the more you buy the more you earn. Happy shopping!